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User Guides

Linux Web Host provides a broad selection of control panel documentation. To learn more about the products we offer, choose from the standalone guides listed below or browse Control Panel Help.

Account Management


Urchin is a sophisticated web analytics application. This guide covers installation of the product and provides a high-level overview of Urchin's many features.



FormMail is a utility that allows you to add a form to your website. This guide explains how to configure FormMail on your domain.

Mail Manager

Mail Manager allows you to manage all your mail services to and from your domain. Mail Manager allows you to add, delete, and edit email accounts; as well as set up email aliases and track quota usage.


SpamVault is an easy to use program that allows unwanted emails to be blocked.

Website Management

Cron Job Manager

This Control Panel Help chapter covers Cron Job Manager, which allows you to add cron jobs for a domain user; you will be able to add cron jobs at intervals determined by you.

Database Manager

Database Manager is an application of the popular MySQL administration tool, phpMyAdmin. You use Database Manager to easily manage multiple MySQL databases on your domain.

FTP User Manager

The FTP User Manager allows you to both create, and then manage additional FTP users on a domain. Each FTP user will have its own unique login and will have access to subdirectories associated with the parent domain. FTP User Manager also allows you to set diskspace quota for each user's home directory.


CartXpress, powered by osCommerce (User)

CartXpress is our implementation of osCommerce, the online shop ecommerce solution. This simple guide explains how to set up a basic shopping cart.

CartXpress, powered by osCommerce (Reference)

The CartXpress Reference Guide provides comprehensive information on all CartXpress features, including administration, file management and online catalog configuration.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Manager

GeoTrust QuickSSL Manager is an application designed to streamline—and in most cases, completely automate—purchase, installation and renewal of GeoTrust certificates.

Site Builders

ContentXpress, powered by Postnuke

This guide is a resource for a ContentXpress Administrator. It provides comprehensive information on how to configure and customize a ContentXpress website.


DBXpress is a database utility that allows novice users to quickly create a database from a pre-designed template. DBXpress includes 11 templates in the following five categories: Education, Membership Organization, Personal, Small Business, and Real Estate.


SiteXpress is a point-and-click authoring tool that enables you to build a professional Web presence quickly and easily. With SiteXpress, you start with a template of pre-designed web pages, choose the ones you want to include, and replace placeholder content (text, images, tables) with actual content.

Web Site Builder

This Control Panel Help topic walks you through the steps necessary to build your own website with Web Site Builder.


ht://Dig Website Search Engine

ht://Dig Website Search Engine is a tool you use to add a site search feature to your website. This Control Panel Help chapter assists you in setting up ht://Dig on your domain.

NetBuilder New

The NetBuilder User Guide provides help using this tool, which is designed to help domain owners administer databases, generate reports, and create database-driven forms.

Urchin E-Commerce

The Urchin E-Commerce User Guide provides coverage for two new sets of of Urchin Reports, E-Commerce Reports and the Revenue Source Reports. E-Commerce Reports aid in analysis of revenue, product, and visitor trends. The Revenue Source reports correlate revenues against the various ways in which visitors find your site, along with their locations. Urchin E-Commerce integrates with CartXpress, powered by OsCommerce, allowing you to obtain the most up-to-date graphs and reports on your E-Commerce business.

Other Resources

Quick Starts

This guide includes Quick Starts for Guestbook Manager, ht://dig Website Search Engine, Poll Manager, Web Calendar Manager and Web Counter.

Web Developer Guide

This guide presents a developer-centric view of selected control panel features. It addresses such things as: default website structure, directory index look-up order (as specified in the Apache configuration file), issues related to certain WYSIWYG ("what-you-see-is-what-you-get") web authoring tools and using .htaccess files, among many other features.

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