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Reseller Overview
How does the Linux Web Host Reseller program work?

A Linux Web Host reseller is simply a person or organization that purchases additional hosting accounts at wholesale prices, adds a mark up and determines the selling price, and resells those hosting accounts to your own customers. Linux Web Host remains anonymous to your customers because we have no direct contact with your customers. You own your customers. You provide customer and technical support services, set your own pricing, and set your own billing and invoicing standards.

To see the list of "resold packages" available for sale by resellers, please click here.

All of Linux Web Host's hosting packages are pre-configured to support resellers. To add a reseller package to your primary hosting account, it's as simple as pointing and clicking through your personal Control Panel "Add Package" icon. Fill in the appropriate information and start making profits immediately as a Linux Web Host reseller.

The Original Linux Web Host provides our resellers with more than just basic infrastructure necessities. We offer competitive "resold" packages base packages as well as dozens of value-added products and services at wholesale pricing for you to resell, provide more value to your customers, and make higher profits.

Who is a good candidate to become a Linux Web Host reseller?

Becoming an Original Linux Web Host Reseller is the ideal way to capture additional revenues for the following individuals and businesses.

  • Any individual with an entrepreneurial drive
  • Freelance web designers
  • Web design firms
  • Advertising agencies
  • Marketing, PR, and other communication consulting companies
  • Networking and small-to-medium-sized technology organizations
  • Professional services and other key business partners

Linux Web Host reseller packages are full-featured accounts with their own separate storage and bandwidth. You and your clients have access to your own personal control panel. The only differences between a reseller control panel and one of your customers' control panel (a.k.a. - resold account Control Panel) are:

  • Information and utilities which would point back to Linux Web Host are removed
  • Reseller packages cannot themselves resell - Linux customers will not compete with you.
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