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Value-Added Products for Resellers

Linux Web Host is committed to providing our resellers with the opportunities to make large profits. We offer dozens of value added products and services at wholesale prices. Linux Web Host resellers sell many of these products and services with a 100% profit margin and still are extremely price competitive.

Pleae take a closer look at the products and services listed below. All of the products below are provided to Linux Web Host resellers at wholesale prices.

How Profitable Are Linux Web Host Resellers?

If you are in the commodity business of selling disk space and transfer, than Linux Web Host is not the right reseller solution for you. Just like most business to business sales, it's all about the relationships you develop that determine your success. Once you establish those lifelong relationships, it is critical you can provide a valuable product or service to assist your customers.

We encourage you to take a closer look at the revenue and profit opportunity a low end, R-Basics reselling situation offers below.

You Sell One R-Basics Account:
Your Customer Price
Profit per Month
Your Cost
You Sell a Couple of Value Adds:
Urchin Basic Price
$4.45 Urchin Basic
Profit per Month
Your Cost
WordPress Price
$2.00 WordPress
Profit per Month
Your Cost
Your Total Monthly Profit:
Total Profit per Account, per Month
Your Total Yearly Profit:
Total Annual Profit

Linux Web Host's Value-Added Products and Services Available for Resellers
GeoTrust Quick SSL Secure Certificates
MX Logic Email Defense Service
Secure Mail
SiteXpress Website Builder
CartXpress, Powered by osCommerce
PowerScriptz Tools
Urchin Basic Edition
Urchin E-Commerce Edition/div>
Additional Transfer
Additional Disk Space
Additional MySQL Databases

If your ready for "Relationship-Driven Reselling," please contact one of our Linux Web Host sales specialists. With many reseller value-added products, The Original Linux Web Host offers the best reselling opportunity in the hosting industry.

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