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Software, Operating System, Languages, Database
1. Do you have a database system, such as Cold Fusion or MySQL?
We use MySQL. Our members prefer MySQL because it is easier to use than other database platforms. Please visit www.mysql.com for more information.
2. Do you support PHP4?
Yes. We run PHP4 on our servers.
3. What version of Perl do you use?
4. What web server do you run?
Apache 1.3.33.
5. What are your server types? NT? Unix? Both?
We use Linux. We do not support Windows NT.
6. Why do you use Unix and not Windows NT?
Unix has proven itself to be a more stable, powerful and reliable operating system for web hosting.
7. Do you support Java servlets?
8. Do you support JSP?
9. Do you support ColdFusion?
You can order a ColdFusion plan via www.linuxasphosting.com.
10. Do you support FrontPage database connectivity?
11. Which languages are supported in CGI?
Bourne, Shell, Perl are all supported and available.
12. Do you offer server side includes (SSI)?
SSIs are supported. You just need to be sure that you call your files with the .shtml extension.
13. Do you use Netscape's SSL technology?
We use Apache SSL. It is several times more secure than Netscape SSL.
14. Do you have CGI.pm installed?
15. Do you have sendmail installed?
16. What are LinuxWebHost's name servers?
17. What versions of FrontPage do you support?
We support 2002, 2000, 98 & 97.
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