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1. What steps do I take to set up an account?
It's easy. Just sign up with us by filling out our online order form or call 866-546-8993, ext. 1 to speak with a sales representative.
2. What kind of uptime do your servers have?
Our NOC has a 99.5% uptime rating. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your site will rarely ever be down.
3. Do you support ASP (Active Server Pages)?
Yes. Please call tech support or email support@linuxwebhost.com and request we move your domain to a server with ASP enabled.
4. Will you run banner ads on my site?
Absolutely not. Many cheaper web hosting companies do this, but we do not and never will.
5. Will my account renew automatically?
Yes. Unless you tell us otherwise, your account will renew automatically at the end of its term and your credit card will be charged.
6. Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan without a fee?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time without a fee. Please send your request to sales@linuxwebhost.com or call 866-546-8993, ext.1.
7. Do you have web mail?
Yes. We offer web-based email to our customers.
8. Do you run spam filtering on your servers?
Yes, we run spam filtering software on all of our servers.
9. Can I resell your services?
Yes. Reselling with us is simple; just open an account. The Add Domain function is in the control panel of our four primary plans.
10. Can I park domains under my main domain?
Yes. We charge a one-time setup fee of $4.00 per parked domain.
11. How long will it take to set up my account?
Generally, once payment is received, your account will be set up in a few hours or less. Once your account is set up, a Welcome email will be sent to you that includes your username, password, IP address and getting started information. At this point, you can access your site via IP address until your domain transfer is done, or your new registration takes effect.
12. Are your servers connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Yes. Our servers are always connected and monitored. We have 99.5% uptime.
13. Is there a cost to transfer my domain name?
There is no fee for transferring your domain name to us (i.e., updating the name servers). There is a $15 fee to transfer your domain registration.
14. Do you charge additional fees for using the MySQL database?
No, it is free.
15. How can I make payments to my account?
We accept credit cards, wire transfers, and checks.
16. Do you move sites to different servers if a given server has a high load? Is this monitored?
Yes. We do move clients according to demand. We keep the peak CPU load for each server below 5% on all machines.
17. Do you have FTP and Anonymous FTP access?
Yes, we provide both FTP and Anonymous FTP access.
18. Is there an FTP transfer limit?
No, there is no limit. You can update your pages an unlimited amount of times, at any time you wish.
19. Do you use SSL technology?
Yes, we use Apache SSL, which is several times more secure than Netscape SSL.
20. Does each virtual server have its own log files? We already have our own custom web stats app, so what we really need is the raw log files and not just summaries.
Yes. You have access to your own raw log files.
21. Do you provide a cgi-bin directory for CGI/Perl Programs?
Yes. A cgi-bin directory is provided for custom programs.
22. Do you offer dial-up Internet access?
No, we do not. This keeps your monthly hosting costs low and keeps our servers from being bogged down. You will need local Internet access in order to maintain your website and retrieve email addressed to your site.
23. Can I set up forms for secure transmission?
24. Can I set up password protected areas with .htaccess?
Yes, you can. You can also protect directories through your Control Panel.
25. Do your servers support IMAP?
Our servers are configured to support IMAP.
26. Do you have to have a domain name to sign up for a hosting plan?
Yes, all customers must have a domain name to get an account.
27. Do you host foreign domains?
Yes, we host all types of sites: foreign and domestic.
28. My ISP already gives me some web space, why do I need your services?
Your ISP will not give you your own domain, multiple custom email accounts, or any of the other features we offer. Also, ISPs who offer web hosting have slow connections because of all of the dial-up users. We do not offer dial-up Internet access for this very reason.
29. Do you host pornographic sites?
No. Pornographic content violates both our Acceptable Use Policy and our Service Agreement. There are also legal and ethical issues involved in hosting sites that contain pornographic material. Any users of our services who are found to have pornographic content on their sites, or links to pornographic sites, will have their accounts closed and deleted within 24 hours.
30. Do you host hacker sites?
31. Will you allow me to send mass unsolicited email (Spam)?
No. Sending out a newsletter that people sign up for, emailing your registered user base, or emailing to opt-in mailing lists is acceptable, but unsolicited spamming is not. Spamming is in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and our Service Agreement. There are also legal and ethical issues involved in mass mailing of unsolicited email. Any users who send large numbers of unsolicited email will have their accounts closed and deleted within 24 hours.
32. Do you support Macintosh systems?
Yes. You can use the Fetch program or our web-based File Manager utility to transfer files from your Mac system to our system. You can also use Telnet and POP email programs like Eudora, Claris Emailer and Netscape Mail.
33. Does it matter which Internet Server Provider I use (e.g. AT&T, MSN, AOL, etc...)?
You may use any ISP. As long as you have an internet connection you can access our servers to make changes (via FTP or Telnet/SSH) to your site.
34. Do I have to sign a contract to use your service?
35. Can I track how many people visit my site?
All accounts come with our Site Statistics tool in the Control Panel that shows hits, referrer logs, country stats and more. You can even look at this data in a graphical format showing daily, monthly and yearly activity.
36. Do you allow cron jobs?
Yes, we permit cron jobs. However, we do reserve the right to shut down any cron jobs that place too much load on our servers.
37. How will I be billed for my account?
You will receive an invoice 30 days in advance. If you have configured your account to pay by credit card, your card will be charged on the date payment is due. You may also make payments by check or via wire transfer.
38. What happens if I go over the data transfer limit on my account?
By default, our system will send you a notification email when you are nearing your limit; this message will invite you to upgrade to a package that allows more data transfer. You can use the Account Management feature of your control panel to customize the data transfer level that triggers this notification message. If you exceed your data transfer limit, the system will add transfer in 1 GB increments and bill your account accordingly.
39. Who is Network Solutions?
Network Solutions (now Verisign) is an independent organization responsible for holding the registration and routing of Internet domain names. Although they are the self- proclaimed "dot com people," there are many other domain registrars to choose from.
40. How do I cancel my account?
Please use the form located in the Cancel Account icon, in your control panel. The cancellation form can also be found at www.linuxwebhost.com/cancel.html
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